When I arrived at RBC Dexia (now RBCITS), the archive of published financial articles was in disarray. They were listed on a gigantic drop-down menu, so long you had to scroll to get to the bottom. Everyone knew this was a usability nightmare and something had to be done.


As Internet Manager, I was responsible for all the content publishing on the entire site as well as guiding the creation of optimal user experiences. I collaborated with designers and developers, acting as the voice of the customer in assessing potential solutions.

The first content hub we created organized the financial articles by type of document, for example polls, white papers, quarterly publications. Carousels allowed you to scroll horizontally past icons of each document until you found the publication you were looking for. We discovered over time that it was still difficult to find what you wanted: you often had to scroll through several carousels to complete your search.

So, we embarked on a redesign. One solution involved allowing users to select topic, type of document and date range, which would trigger a search result. We realized this was needlessly complex so we stripped it down, giving the user the option to just select a topic using a radio button. This would trigger a search result showing articles on that topic, listed in reverse chronological order.


A simple, elegant page that makes it easy for users to find the content they’re seeking.


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