ATR Sports is a store selling equipment for racquet sports. They realized that their e-commerce website needed an upgrade.


I performed a cognitive walk-through of the site, behaving as if I were a customer. I came across about 20 usability problems, some major and some minor. I documented the usability issues on an Excel spreadsheet and proposed a solution for each one.

The worst usability problem was a confusing navigation scheme. To address the problem, I created a number of wireframes using Sketch, each suggesting an improved approach to the site navigation.

In the first option, I proposed a very simple top navigation bar. A drop-down menu would allow you to choose a sport, then equipment item:


In the second option, I proposed a top navigation bar that featured equipment items. Choose one, and you will go to a page with the sports listed in the left navigation:


The third option, is like the second, but with the top and side navigation switched. Sports are in the top navigation, equipment items are in the left navigation:



ATR Sports had a full roster of solutions to its usability problems and three options for improved navigation.

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