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BeerBuddy App

Problem: Being in the Beer Store can be an overwhelming experience. There are too many beers to choose from and the sheer range of options can be paralyzing. The temptation is to evade this crisis by choosing your tried and true favourite… but after a while, this can lead to boredom. How can the Beer […]

ATR Sports Website

Problem: ATR Sports is a store selling equipment for racquet sports. They realized that their e-commerce website needed an upgrade. Action: I performed a cognitive walk-through of the site, behaving as if I were a customer. I came across about 20 usability problems, some major and some minor. I documented the usability issues on an […]

RBC Content Hub

Problem: When I arrived at RBC Dexia (now RBCITS), the archive of published financial articles was in disarray. They were listed on a gigantic drop-down menu, so long you had to scroll to get to the bottom. Everyone knew this was a usability nightmare and something had to be done. Action: As Internet Manager, I […]


Problem: RBC wanted to create an online product for its investment advisors that would allow them to enter the portfolio of a client from another bank, then show how much the client would save in management fees by switching to RBC. Action: Using Axure, I whipped up some wireframes and linked them together with some […]

Baycrest UX Research

Problem: Baycrest is a hospital, old age home and a world-renowned centre for researching aging and the brain. When I joined as Digital Media Specialist, one of the many challenges facing me was the sheer variety of Baycrest web properties, each with a different look and feel. There was a need to take a more […]

Typography Research

Problem: Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the shapes of letters. How can a letter take on so many different appearances and still be the same thing? When I walk through the city I always notice the typography of signs and advertisements and I wonder why the messages that stand out […]

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