Baycrest is a hospital, old age home and a world-renowned centre for researching aging and the brain. When I joined as Digital Media Specialist, one of the many challenges facing me was the sheer variety of Baycrest web properties, each with a different look and feel. There was a need to take a more cohesive approach, as well as plan upgrades in user experience design to better meet audience needs.


I undertook a comprehensive UX research study. I worked with a wide range of Baycrest stakeholders to determine what we wanted to find out about how users were experiencing the websites, synthesizing their input into a survey.

I built the survey in SurveyMonkey and released it to Baycrest’s database of supporters as well as Baycrest staff. The response was phenomenal. Over 700 people participated.

Then came the most challenging part of all. Distilling the results into concise, actionable information that Baycrest could use in making its web properties more engaging and delightful for everyone.


I created a 10-page report that captured what people needed to know, from the most senior staff on down. It began with a one-page executive summary, highlighting the most important key findings. Following that was a page for each web property, showing how audiences were responding to it. Finally, a section at the end pulled together quotes from people’s free-form answers at the end of the survey, categorizing them into themes so we could easily spot trends.

The result was a solid foundation for Baycrest to improve user experiences across major digital touchpoints, an easy-to-read resource for creating a new beginning.

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