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Steal Like an Artist

This book grabs you right from the get-go: its format is square, its cover is black, white and red and its cover typography is distinctively hand-drawn. Steal like an artist? Is that really permissible?

Flip through the book and the engagement deepens. Provocative quotations jump out at you, handwritten chapter titles span left and right pages and whimsical illustrations appear throughout.

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Welcome to! I’m glad that you’re here.

This is my new online home, where I’ll be sharing my passion for all things design. In the portfolio section, I’ll be posting examples of my UX design work and insights into the creative process behind them. In the blog section, you’ll find my reviews of books on design and creativity, as well as my thoughts on the user experiences of everyday life.

So, make yourself comfortable! And feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can add your comments to my posts, or send me a message through either the Contact or About page.