Being in the Beer Store can be an overwhelming experience. There are too many beers to choose from and the sheer range of options can be paralyzing. The temptation is to evade this crisis by choosing your tried and true favourite… but after a while, this can lead to boredom. How can the Beer Store offer a better way of choosing a beer?


I came up with the idea for a mobile app called BeerBuddy. It would be like having a best friend beside you in line, who knows what you like and can make recommendations based on your unique taste. I created a wide range of UX deliverables to refine the idea:

  • sketches
  • personas
  • customer journey map
  • user flows
  • wireframes


View my design thinking in the following PowerPoint presentation:

Download the PowerPoint presentation


All of this design thinking resulted in a prototype for an app to help you make better beer choices. On a desktop you can engage with it using your mouse. View it on a phone or tablet and it is touch-enabled. You can explore the prototype at the following link:

View the interactive prototype

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